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Global Access to Local Experts

Galleo is the building industry’s worldwide intelligence hub. A platform which makes sense of existing data about completed projects, so every building company can achieve improved internal understanding and enhanced external alignment. By bringing these two factors together, Galleo reveals the insights everybody needs to create proposals more efficiently, deliver successful projects and build stronger business cases.

Internally, Galleo enables every building company to identify its strengths and use data insights for better understanding of every project. Simply by analyzing company-specific data entered into a private online space. Galleo even boosts sales efficiency by generating tender application documents with a click of a button!

Externally, Galleo facilitates collaboration between companies by showcasing who did what, so everybody can find their perfect partners for future projects. We create value for them all, by connecting the data entered into an advanced search and presentation solution.​


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Whether you’re looking to improve business development, marketing & communication or sales, Galleo helps every building company to focus on where success is most likely in the world.

Build solid business cases

Galleo’s analysis of your company’s experience and expertise powers up your marketing potential.

By knowing your strengths and finding your focus, you can build stronger business cases with the projects your company deserves.

Simply enter your data into the secure online tool for gathering internal information and automatic generation of tender application documents. Watch how Galleo, as a single point of truth, connects external value to your internal data.

Showcase your expertise

Galleo shines a spotlight on your company’s abilities and achievements by making them visible to potential partners all over the world.

The organized, searchable presentation on Galleo gives you, your colleagues and your clients a clear overview of your expertise and capabilities.

Post your company profile and completed projects and build your reputation by acquiring anonymous ratings and recommendations from those you’ve worked with.

Find the perfect partners

Galleo makes it easy to find the inspiration and proven expertise your projects needs.

Wherever you are building in the world, Galleo helps you find the right partners for the task, based on proven expertise illustrated through realized projects.

Use the advanced search to discover experts or projects with specific techniques, expertise, or any other project detail that matters to you.

Galleo also provides building industry associations an easy way to stay in touch with members. Click here to contact us and find out how you can join forces with Galleo.


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